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Influenza: The Second Wave

December 15, 2009

I’ve never been through a pandemic before, either as a patient or a provider. It’s been most interesting, particularly here on a college campus, where a population is held academically captive, if you will; where patient care and public health resources abound. It’s been fascinating to watch and actually be a part of a dramatic, dynamic public health ah, “event”, particularly one as well-managed as it has been here at The Ohio State University.

Given that I am a hands-on provider of health care services, my time and attention are mostly taken up by inviduals. I have turned, time and time again, for interpretation of the data to the folks at Science Based Medicine. (Consider adding their feed to your RSS Reader.)  Couple days ago they posted an interesting post about the second wave of our 2009 influenza pandemic, specifically with regard to vaccine safety and severity of the disease so far. Worth skimming while anxiously awaiting the first crest of seasonal flu wave.  

Influenza: The Second Wave

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